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About Easy-Spelling

On this site you will: learn to spell
                                    learn to read
                                    understand grammar


Easy-Spelling offers the most simple spelling methods you will find anywhere. Easy-Spelling is (evidence-based) Phonic driven to support you master English spelling. With over forty-five years of successful teaching behind us, we focus on giving you the fundamental skills to spell better! 
This course is an excellent tool for those whose native language is not English.


Why improve your spelling?


You want to expand your career options


You want to feel confident in your English writing


You want to get ahead of the competition


--- OR ---

Your spelling embarrasses you


You want to give yourself every opportunity to succeed


Know the difference, sweet (like sugar) and sweat (when your body sweats)!


By registering with us you will be taking a big step towards securing a better career.


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What our happy students say about us?

I grew up in a disadvantaged community. When I was introduced to the Jenny Lamond Method I was fifty-four years old. I could not spell one word. After one month of doing the course, I could read 300 words and spell 297. Now I write poetry and texts, and can read short stories. My dream has come true.


Roselea (Australia)

Coming from China, I was well educated. I could read and write English, but my spelling was horrible. For instance, I could read the word "because", but always got the spelling mixed up.
Then I heard about this course from a Chinese friend. After I completed it, and with practice, I can now spell most of the words that I am ever likely to use. 



When I went to school a long time ago, I was considered stupid. However, I was later diagnosed as being dyslexic. Nevertheless, dyslexic or not, I made so many spelling mistakes that I was embarrassed about any writing I did and so did not show anyone.

A few years ago, I did the Jenny Lamond course, and now I am fine at spelling. It makes sense of spelling. I don't have to remember what letters or their sequence. Now I look to see if it is a swimming pool word, or talk to my pencil, and the correct spelling usually comes. I feel so much more confident. 



Easy-Spelling definitely delivered on its promise. It was different, I have done other spelling courses, and there are none like this. The lessons were uniquely simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed it.


Bernard Kanhema, South Africa